Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Designing and Creating Workflows with Visio 2010

One of the biggest challenges in implementing a successful workflow is not becoming an expert in coding/creating a custom workflow but to design it as per the requirement of user or business needs. Typically, a consultant would talk to business users, understand business process and then design the workflow. This design is then handed over to SharePoint professionals to implement on SharePoint.

Visio makes the task of analyzing the requirement and actually putting it down on paper. We can draw diagrams, create flowcharts for workflows and the best part is that now, we can export the workflow in .vwi format (Visio Workflow Interchange) and then import it in SharePoint Designer 2010. Thus, a consultant or a business power user can create Visio diagrams for the workflow and SharePoint professionals can easily import them in SharePoint Designer 2010 and implement it on lists/sites.

Creating a workflow using Visio 2010:
Visio 2010 provides us with specific workflow templates that can be directly imported in SharePoint Designer 2010.

When we select “SharePoint Workflow” template in Visio, we can see that there is a set of shapes available. These shapes relate to the actions and conditions in SharePoint Designer 2010.

Use this template and create a workflow diagram as per your business requirement. Once the diagram is done, Click on “Export the diagram” from “Process” tab in Visio. This will check the file for any errors and export the file and save it as a .vwi format file.

Importing the workflow diagram in SharePoint Designer 2010:
Open SharePoint Designer 2010 and open the site/list where you would like to associate the workflow. Under the workflow tab, you can see the button for Importing the workflow from a Visio document.

Once the workflow is imported, it can be further customized or details can be added. You can then publish the workflow on the required list/site.

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